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Portable Vaporizer Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer, this buying guide is for you. Whether you are an experienced vaper or just looking to pick up your first device, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of portable vaporizers on the market and their pluses and minuses.


dry herb portable vaporizer
dry herb portable vaporizer

The type of device you want to purchase depends heavily on your needs and preferences. Here are some types to consider.

Desktop Vaporizers (also known as DVs)

Have an oven that uses a heating element, usually with multiple heating elements, and a glass tube to hold the dry herb or concentrate. Many DVs have their own herb grinder so that all you need is your tube and you can grind your herbs before use. DMX also makes “DV Tool”, which is a kit that includes the vaporizer, an herb grinder, two tubes, a battery charger for the unit, two atomizers (or heating coils), and a carrying case. This is the most affordable and convenient way to get started in vaping.

Herbal Concentrate Vaporizers (HV)

Are used for vaporizing substances such as oils, waxes, shatters, budders and other things that are meant to be consumed orally. HVs have a heating element that heats up the material to a certain temperature that will ensure you don’t burn or combust your substance and will allow it to produce vapor instead of smoke. The heating element doesn’t get hot enough to burn the concentrated material but hot enough so that the active ingredients are released from the material into a vapor state. HV’s usually have a glass mouthpiece to inhale the vapor.

Portable vs Desktop vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are the smallest and most convenient to use. There are portable vaporizers that use dry herb and concentrate, as well as some that just use one of them. The best way to ensure you get what you’re looking for is by shopping around or asking someone who has one of the devices you’re interested in if they can recommend a good quality device for your needs. You can also check out reviews online on our website for The Hippie Rebel, The DaVinci IQ, The Mighty and Omicron.

Many people are surprised to learn that the vaporizer they are looking at is actually a portable vaporizer. If you want the most vapor production and are willing to carry around a bulkier device, desktop vaporizers are the way to go! But, if you need something discreet and compact or portably vape discreetly in public, portable vape options will suit you better.

There are also devices known as hybrid vapes which use both a heating element (like desktop vapes) and an oven (like portable vape pens). These devices offer the best of both worlds.


vaporizer battery
vaporizer battery

You’ll want to look at how long the device will last on a single charge, since you don’t want to be left high and dry if you can’t set your vape aside for a while and it shuts off.

Some portable vaporizers use replaceable batteries, some have long-lasting internal rechargeable batteries, and others come with a plug-in charger for a wall socket. Some vapes have an auto shutoff feature when they are inactive for too long or run out of battery power. This is ideal for safety purposes but can be annoying when you want to enjoy your vape uninterrupted for longer.

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that allows you to vape constantly without having to worry about it running out of battery, a portable that uses rechargeable batteries may be a better choice. Some vapes offer pass through charging, which allows you to vape while it is plugged in and charging.

BATTERY LIFE: Internal vs. External

Internal Rechargeable Batteries (most common on smaller devices): While internal batteries are convenient because they can be charged from a wall outlet or your computer’s USB port, the downside is that they cannot be replaced. If your battery conks out, you’ll have to purchase a new device if your model isn’t covered by warranty.

External Rechargeable Batteries (most common on larger devices): External batteries can be charged with a plug-in charger, and you can choose to recharge them while you are using your vape. If the device has a pass-through charging feature, you can charge your battery with the device turned off and still vape while it is charging. External batteries often make better use of the battery’s capacity since they don’t have to keep anything inside them when they aren’t in use.

BATTERY LIFE: Uses for Carrying Multiple Charge Batteries

You’ll probably want to purchase a portable vaporizer that comes with multiple rechargeable batteries so you can use one while the other charges. You’ll want to have extra batteries on hand so you can keep your portable vaping while you are out and about. It’s ideal for those who plan to share their device with friends or like to have extra batteries on hand in case one battery stops working.


Most portable vaporizers don’t have long charge times, but some do require charging for several hours before they are fully charged. You want to choose a unit that has an indicator light, so you’ll know when it’s fully charged and ready for use.


dry herb portable vaporizer
dry herb portable vaporizer

If you plan on using dry herb or concentrate, you want a vaporizer that is easy to load up with your substance of choice. Most devices come with some type of tool for packing the herb down into the heating chamber but there are some, especially vape pens, that don’t come with any assistance.

If you plan on using a lot of herbs or concentrates, it’s best to get a vaporizer that has a removable chamber so you can easily replace your substance and clean the entire unit. This type of feature is especially useful for vape users who also dabble in oil pens as well as dry herb or concentrate.

I hope that this buying guide has been helpful to aid in your decision-making process!