Hippie Rebel Vaporizer
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Hippie Rebel Vaporizer

If you already know how to use a vaporizer and now you are looking for a low-priced vaporizer that offers a great flavor and leaves you wanting more? Look no more. Hippie Rebel is the best option!

We introduce to you the Hippie Rebel vaporizer. Today we’ll give the Hippie Rebel a test run. We’ll know whether it’s worth your money.   

The Hippie has a simple design and still allows you to be in complete control of the experience. With a press on the switch and 15 seconds later, you’re drawing. If you’re looking for a classic vaporizer that’s reasonably priced, you should try the Hippie Rebel.  

Here we go. Let’s get into it.

What is the Hippie Rebel Vaporizer?

From its name, you can tell the Hippie company makes it. The Hippie Rebel is one of the best vaporizers designed. It has a simple design, yet it integrates a hybrid heating system. The engineers built the vaporizer with the concept of simplicity in mind.

Welcome! Welcome to a new chapter – the Hippie rebel revolution. The new design has the heating element below the chamber. The arrangement has proved to increase efficiency significantly.

What’s great is, the vaporizer is designed only to have 3-buttons:

  • The power button
  • 2 ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ buttons

It would help if you pressed the power button five times to start the unit. Then use the UP and DOWN buttons to select the preferred temperature. The calibration is scientifically done to allow you to choose the precise temperature.

If you want to draw from the vaporizer, wait for 15 seconds. The Hippie takes less than 15 seconds to heat-up. Draw through the hot chamber to form a vapor. The glass chamber on top of the heating chamber cools down hot vapor – you won’t burn your tongue cells.

A 1600mAh Li-ion battery powers all these functionalities. And what makes it better is the price. The Hippie Rebel price range is a bit decent. Pretty affordable for the average vaper.

The Accessories: What is in the box?

  • 1 Hippie Rebel
  • Mouthpiece
  • Replacement filter screen
  • USB-charging cable
  • Cleaning & packing tools
  • User manual

So, here we go…

What Makes the Hippie Rebel Vaporizer the Best?

hippie rebel
hippie rebel
  1. Specs
Heating TechniqueConvection heating
Max Temperature2210 C/4300 F
MaterialsGlass, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Lithium-Ion
Measurements3” x 2” x 1”
Weight4.7 0z.
Battery Capacity1600mAh
Duration Use25 – 30 minutes
Warranty2-years coverage
  1. Temperature Flexibility

The Hippie has tremendous temperature variability. The Rebel lets you have total control of the experience. Once you start it, it won’t max out till it reaches 2210 C., although, in between, you can vary the temperature. Use the up/down button to increase/decrease temperature.

Using the temperature buttons, you can change temperature with great precision. It will take you about 15 seconds to heat-up to your preferred temperatures. The Hippie has a simple design, making selecting the temperature easy to choose.    

  1. Vapor Quality

The vaporizer uses a convection method of heating. You’re guaranteed a premium-quality vapor. Vapor production is above average – it’s good for most vapers. For every draw you take, you should expect a flavorful vapor.

The dry herbs are burnt with hot air in circulation – convection technique. The main advantage of convection heating is, you cannot vape burnt vapor. Even with overheating, you are guaranteed a burnt-free vapor.   

You can expect to receive pure flavoring.

  1. Battery Life

A 1600mAh Li-ion battery powers all the good features mentioned above. A fully charged battery is capable of delivering 7-8 sessions per charge. Unfortunately, the battery performs slightly below average.

The best thing is, the Hippie Rebel has an in-built system to preserve power when not in use. The auto-shutoff mechanism will activate after 4 minutes of being idle.  

  • Portability & Discreteness

what determines whether the Hippie is portable is size and battery life? A big-sized vaporizer is a burden to be carrying around. Unlike a small one, you can conceal it in your hands or carry it in your pocket. The vaporize measures 3 x 2 x 1 inch. This is a tiny vaporizer. Thus, it’s portable.

A vaporizer with a short battery life span is a disappointment – if you’re always on the go. A vaporizer with extended battery life is an asset to you. In our case, the Hippie Rebel has an over the average battery performance.    

If you’re concerned about vaping with discretion, the Hippie Rebel can let you do so. No one wants to attract unnecessary attention. To vape in discrete, consider lowering the heating temperature. At low temperatures, you’ll emit little to no visible vapor.

  • Ease of Use

Using the vaporizer is so simple and easy. All you’ve to do is: load your herbs, start the vaporizer, and vape – so easy, right?

Well, to activate the Rebel, press the power button 5-times – do the same if you wish to switch it off. Assuming you did load your favorite herbs, the next step is adjusting the heating temperature. Select your ideal temperature, wait for 15 seconds and start drawing.

The glass on top of the heating chamber cools down hot vapor. You don’t want to burn your tongue cells. Whatever your ideal temperature is, you can be sure of smooth vapor. Each hit will hit you differently.    

Hippie Rebel: Pros and cons

Very affordable Portable & discreetShort warranty coverage Limited to dry herbsNo instant heat-upNon-removable batteryShort battery life span


If you are looking for premium vapor that hits like the Boeing 737, the Hippie Rebel promises to deliver just that. Also, you get to be the creator of your own vaping experiences. The makers of Hippie Rebel intended the user to be in total control. To achieve this, a user is in control of adjusting their preferred temperature.

Most parts used to make the vaporizer is plastics. This was strategically designed to make it feel light. Overall, the Hippie Rebel is something worth trying. It works well. If you’re a vaping enthusiast, the Hippie Rebel will strike you as a durable vaporizer.