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A few reasons why you should have a SkyCloud vape pen

A few reasons why you should have a SkyCloud vape pen. The SkyCloud is one of the better vape pens I have had to date. It does pretty much everything you are looking for in a vaporizer. This is a brand new pen so you probably have not heard of it yet, but I have a feeling the SkyCloud is going to become popular fast!

My SkyCloud Vape Pen Review

The SkyCloud really does come with everything you need. Seriously the first vaporizer I have seen that comes with all three atomizers. You are able to vape liquids, concentrates, and yes, dry herb! I love dry herb vape pens not just because of how convienient and easy it is to find dry herb, but it is something that everyone wants, on the go or just sitting at the house.

Loading the SkyCloud is really easy, regardless of what you are vaping. No torch or tools needed, just load whatever you are vaping into the corresponding atomizer. Cleaning your SkyCloud is like cleaning any other vape pen, it even comes with a cleaning tool to make it easier!Just charge your vaporizer with your USB charger, they recommend about three hours for a full day.

After it is charged just press the button fives times to turn the SkyCloud on. After the vape pen is on hold down the button for a few seconds to heat up whatever you are vaping and then start to breathe in slowly through the mouth piece.

The SkyCloud button will blink if you need to let it cool down for a second.

The SkyCloud Comes With:

Three Atomizers

One Mouth Piece

One Usb Charger One Fill toolSkyCloud Battery

The Good and Bad:

  • All Three Atomizers
  • Small Bowl Size
  • Easy to Load
  • Not a huge Hitting Vaporizer
  • Load Actual Weed!
  • Great Battery Life

How to get the SkyCloud

The SkyCloud is priced a little higher compared to most vape pens, but it is worth it because it does do everything. Great deal on Vapornation.

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