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Why to chose vaporizer for vaping in comparison with smoking


If we analyze for a moment the money we spend on smoking, we will realize all that we can save ourselves by vaporizing instead of smoking. A smoker, with an average consumption of a daily packet of traditional tobacco, will spend an average of 5.30 € per day. This expense would suppose a monthly budget of more than 159 €, or 1,908 € per year.

At this point, we have to remember that a cartridge of portable vaporizers has a duration of about 200 inhalations, which is equivalent to about 15 traditional cigarettes.

If this smoker substitutes 100% of the traditional cigarette for the personal vaporizers, to maintain an equivalent consumption, it would need to acquire 1.3 cartridges daily, or what is the same, 40 cartridges every month.

Without taking into account any kind of punctual offer that can reduce its unit cost, and if the purchase of these cartridges is made in enough quantity to not have added shipping costs, this consumption would mean € 40 per month, € 480 per year.

Using the portable vaporizers, at the cost of cartridges, we have to add the cost of atomizers and batteries, since these do not last forever. The atomizers have an average duration of 3 months, and the batteries have a life of 300 recharges, so over a year, with the consumption that we have as an example, we will have to replace 4 atomizers and 1 battery, with a cost total of 55 €, which, added to the cartridges, will mean an expense of 535 €.

In conclusion, with this example of consumption, this smoker who has become an expert vaporizing, is going to save 669 € annually.

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