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The Dummies Guide To How A Vaporizer Works

You are probably seeing these vape pens popping up all over the place. Yea they look awesome, and seem really convenient, but how does a vaporizer work?

Here I will show you not only how a vaporizer actually works, but explain the different types that are currently available.

How it works

A vaporizer consists of an atomizer, a bowl, a mouthpiece, and a battery. A charge heats up your atomizer causing whatever you are vaping to turn into vapor without actually burning it.

Inhaling the vapor versus actual smoke is much more healthier because you are not smoking in all the toxins. Which is one reason why this is becoming so popular so fast.

What Are The Different types of Vaporizers?

Vape PenMy personal favorite type of vaporizer is a vape pen. It is a small, easy to use, portable vaporizer.

These are perfect for smoking on the go, where ever, when ever. I seriously have one in my pocket at all times. You do not even need a lighter!

Volcano Vaporizer

Another type of vaporizer that is becoming very popular, very fast, is called a Volcano. A Volcano is much bigger than a vape pen, but is used more for at home use. A Volcano actually fills vapor into a big bag so you can just pass that around. Perfect for when a lot of people want to smoke at once.

Whip Vaporizer

The last type of vaporizer is going to be called a Whip Vaporizer. A Whip vaporizer is a lot like a Volcano is the sense that it is used and home, for group smoking. But a whip vaporizer has a long tube or several long tubes coming out from the sides, and is to be smoked a lot like a hookah.

How To Get One

You don’t want to be the only one not using a vaporizer, this is the future of smoking. They are much cheaper, much more convenient, and it is actually healthier for you. Its a no brainer!

There are many places to buy vaporizers but there is a link to my personal favorite site below. They definitely has the best deals, and the biggest selection. Check it out!

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