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Different categories of Vapers

There are many different categories of vapers in the world. This article explores some of the most common types and provides some insight as to what to expect in the “vapelife”. This list by no means covers all of the stereotypes. I feel like I am a little bit of all of ’em.

1. The Vapernoob – The most common of this list is the everyday novice. These are the people that have just decided to quit smoking cigarettes and just bought their first eLeaf or eGo vape pen. They are using vaping as a crutch to help them quit their addiction to cigarettes and can sometimes be found sneaking a “tobacco-break”. This is the stage of vaping that everyone has gone through at some point and usually leads to another stereotype.

2. The Activist – Everyone has heard of the upcoming FDA regulations that are posed to hit vapers in 2018. By far one of the most critical stereotypes in the community Activists are the ones that are fighting movements like this tooth and nail. They are the first ones to shut down an argument that vapes are unhealthy and will unleash hell upon anyone who even holds a cigarette box.

3. The Cloud Chaser – These are the types that haze a room out completely without even thinking twice. If you walk into a vape shop and have a hard time seeing, its probably because their are a few cloud chasers in the room. More often than not these vapers will have a mechanical mod with sub-OHM capacity. If you need to know the difference between Clapton, Nano, or Parallel coils..these are the people to ask.

4. The Trickster – Ever seen someone blow a smoke ring..and then blow like 30 more through it. This is the trickster. This is one of the most entertaining stereotypes of the vape community and they are constantly evolving their tricks to absurd levels. From the classic Tornado to Double Jellys, they have accomplished tricks that would make Gandalf proud.

5. The Sampler – These are the flavor enthusiasts that will come into a vape shop and proceed to try out every flavor in the store. They will usually have a rebuild-able atomizer with a customized air-flow to help maximize the flavor and at any given moment will have a few dozen premium juices with them. Samplers are endlessly searching for the “Ambosia” of E-juice, the nirvana of flavor.

6. The Hipster – This is the category of vapers that are also known as “Fad” vapers. They are the first ones to tell you all the things wrong with your vape with not a word on how to help. Vaping has become the “cool” thing to do in some groups and hipsters are the ones that latch on to this, fully equipped with a snap back, wayfarers, and a dripper.…

Best grinder for vaporizers

In a saturated market, it is very hard to find the best grinder for vaporizers since most of the products in the market will be advertised as the best. It is however not impossible to find the right one as evidenced by the existence of the Premium Volcano Classic Grinder. Despite its late entry into the market this best grinder for vaporizers has been well received by many who have used it.


The Volcano Classic is designed as an electromechanical grinder that works so very well that it has already sold hundreds of units. It is tested and certified as both a quality product to use as well as a safe one. The vaporization temperature for this product can be set at between 130 degrees and 230 degrees Celsius. This means that it is one the best grinder for vaporizers purely based on its ability to produce good quality grind. The manufactures are so confident of its ability to work correctly that they are willing to provide you with a 3 year warranty on purchase.


The various parts that this product comes with make it one of the most efficient in the market. It is inclusive of a Solid valve kit as well as pocket scales 500x1g with batteries. It is also inclusive of an original Sharp stone mill grinder as well as a Smelly proof baggies.

Premium Volcano Vaporizer best grinder

It weights about 3kg and comes highly recommended by most of those who have used it. This is evidenced by the five star reviews that it has received. Most of those who have used have praised its efficiency despite the fact that it can be considered a little bit expensive. It is made of the best grade stainless steel so you can rest assured that it is durable and provides a good visual check on the vapour generated.


As far as the best grinders for vaporizers do, this one if the best in more ways than one. It is durable so the amount you spend on it is worth it. It is also quite functional as it is designed to work very well for the job that it was meant for. All of those who have bought the vaporizer have praised it as one of the most durable products of its kind in the market. The three year warranty just makes the deal all the more amazing.

Whether you buy it or not will depend on whether it meets with your criteria for good quality and your price range. You may prefer something different or this one may be a little bit too expensive for your tastes. It is important to have the best product for you in mind, this way; you are less likely to get confused when buying. But as far as vaporizers go this one is the best grinder for vaporizers in the current market.…

A few reasons why you should have a SkyCloud vape pen

A few reasons why you should have a SkyCloud vape pen

The SkyCloud is one of the better vape pens I have had to date. It does pretty much everything you are looking for in a vaporizer.
This is a brand new pen so you probably have not heard of it yet, but I have a feeling the SkyCloud is going to become popular fast!

My SkyCloud Vape Pen Review

skyclllThe SkyCloud really does come with everything you need. Seriously the first vaporizer I have seen that comes with all three atomizers. You are able to vape liquids, concentrates, and yes, dry herb!
I love dry herb vape pens not just because of how convienient and easy it is to find dry herb, but it is something that everyone wants, on the go or just sitting at the house.
Loading the SkyCloud is really easy, regardless of what you are vaping. No torch or tools needed, just load whatever you are vaping into the corresponding atomizer.
Cleaning your SkyCloud is like cleaning any other vape pen, it even comes with a cleaning tool to make it easier!
Just charge your vaporizer with your USB charger, they recommend about three hours for a full day. After it is charged just press the button fives times to turn the SkyCloud on.
After the vape pen is on hold down the button for a few seconds to heat up whatever you are vaping and then start to breathe in slowly through the mouth piece.
The SkyCloud button will blink if you need to let it cool down for a second.

The SkyCloud Comes With:

Three Atomizers
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Fill tool
SkyCloud Battery

The Good and Bad:
All Three Atomizers
Small Bowl Size
Easy to Load
Not a huge Hitting Vaporizer
Load Actual Weed!
Great Battery Life
How to get the SkyCloud

The SkyCloud is priced a little higher compared to most vape pens, but it is worth it because it does do everything.
Great deal on Vapornation. There is a link below!…

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Everyone knows that cigarettes, as they are presently designed, constructed and made, are not good for your health or safe. They have many drawbacks to them, contributing to countless diseases that cause grave illness and death to both those who smoke them and those around smokers. Manufacturers and companies have long sought an alternative method that might be safer and yet still appealing to the regular smoker, and they may finally have hit upon something through the use of electric cigarettes. Now that they have gained in popularity recently, more people are starting to take a closer look at them and ask the question:

are electronic cigarettes safe?

There does not seem to be an easy answer to this question just yet. The e-cigarettes do still use nicotine, which is one of the ingredients in traditional tobacco used in smoking. This alone does make some people question the motives of the companies that are creating the electronic devices for use, indicating that perhaps they just wanted to create something else for people to get addicted to.

Many questions about the product are still left unanswered since studies have yet to be thoroughly conducted. It is still relatively new to the marketplace and has yet to be analyzed in such a way that its safety can be absolutely determined one way or the other. One thing does seem to be true, however – the electronic cigarettes are infinitely safer to use over traditional cigarettes.

The health risks involved with cigarettes in general is well known. The upside to the electronic version is that these do not use the same toxic chemicals that can be found in cigarettes. The vapor that is produced by these is not smoke at all but just a water vapor produced as a result of the element heating the unit that resembles smoke to simulate the experience. This eliminates the thousands of chemicals that can be found and produced by traditional methods that are so harmful.

This also means that no secondhand smoke is being created at all. This makes using these devices safer not only for you, but for your environment and the others around you as well. There are no pollutants being released into the air as a result, making their use safer for all involved.

Of course, there is the safety of not having all the chemicals drawn into your body that traditional smoking can cause. All that is inhaled is nicotine and a small amount of tobacco flavoring with the e-cigarettes. You will begin to feel better without having all of the added poisons in your body.

The question of are electronic cigarettes safe may not have a definitive answer at this time, but it is certainly safer over the methods that have been used for centuries. While further study may be necessary before any actual determination is made, it can be seen that users feel, look and act healthier than before. This alone is a very encouraging sign in leading people towards stopping smoking.…

Why the Cloud Vape Pen cool and trendy?

Most people are using a Cloud now a days, but is it because it is so cheap?
There are actually a few reasons why the Cloud is better than most vaporizers. Read more to find out.

My Personal Cloud Vaporizer Review

cloudyyy When I am looking for a vape pen I look for three important things 1) How well it hits 2) How much you can load into the bowl and 3) how portable it is.
The Cloud hits awesome. The atomizer heats up fast and the vapor fills the cartridge quickly. I truly love the way this vaporizer hits better than any other I have tried to date.
The Cloud is really small, which means two things. Of course it is very portable and easy to use no matter where you are, but a smaller vape pen means a smaller bowl, so you can’t load as much.
Not a huge deal unless you plan of sharing with other people all day.
When you’re ready to smoke your vape pen the first thing you need to do after charging is load it. All you have to do in order to load it is pull off the mouth piece and load whatever you’re vaping into the bowl, unlike The Omicron
Once you do that all that needs to be done is to put the mouth piece back on, and hold the button down while inhaling slowly through the mouth piece.

The Cloud Comes With
One Atomizer
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Carrying Case

I recommend the Cloud to everyone! One of the best vaporizers I have ever owned and I use it daily. Plus it has been the Cannibus Cup winner for best vaporizer 2 years in a row!!!
The price of the Cloud varies but I found a really good deal. There is a link below to where I bought mine. Stay vaped!…

9 reasons to vape not to smoke

The Top 9 reasons why you should Vape instead of Smoking Cigarettes
Smoking is expensive, If you smoke a pack a day that works out to $63 dollars a day, $270 per month and ultimately $3,240 per year.
1 10ml bottle of e-juice lasts on average 7 to 10 days for $9
Smoking cigarettes can leave you with ‘yellow finger’ aka ‘nic’ stains. Vaping will not change the colour of any part of your body
Smoking is a smelly habit and that smell sticks to everything from your car, to your clothes, your hair, and even your house.
Our vapours smell nice and generally have a scent associated with the taste. In some cases Vaping has been known to make people smell better.
Vaping has been known to become a hobby. With build your own units, you can make your own flavours and there are even clubs and groups you can join to share the experience with.
Smoking leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, this can lead to bad breath and stained teeth.
If you have ever kissed a smoker you know what I am talking about. It tastes nasty hence the term ‘its like kissing an ashtray’
The biggest reason why you should Vape instead of smoking cigarettes is because when you buy from 4mradik Vape Shop you are helping give someone a life free from addiction. 10% of all profits go towards the 4mradik Foundation which is a charity that raises money to send deserving individuals to a Treatment Center when they would otherwise be not able to afford it.…

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The VIP made by Silver

Alright lets review the VIP made by Silver Surfer. This vape pen definitely does its job, but I think there are better choices when it comes to vaporizers.

Click Here To Buy The Silver Surfer Vaporizer
My Personal Silver Surfer Review
The Silver Surfer is a smaller vaporizer which I really like, and really as easy as it get to load. The only problems I have with the Silver Surfer are the fact it is harder to clean, smaller of a hit, and to be honest a little over priced for the quality of pen you get.
Personally if I am going to be spending $120 on a vape pen my personal favorite is the Omicron Vaporizer even though it is a little harder to load, it destroys the SS in all other categories!
If you decide to get the Silver Surfer it comes with

One Carrying Case:
One Atomizer
One Mouth Piece
One Charger
One Battery
Two Cleaning Tools
How To Load Your Silver Surfer

In order to load your SS all you have to do is unscrew the atomizer and put whatever you are smoking (THE SILVER SURFER WORKS WITH DRY HERB) into the bowl.
After that just turn it on by pressing the button 5 times and you are ready to hit it.
In Conclusion
My favorite part about the VIP made by Silver Surfer is by far that fact that you can smoke actual weed out of it, instead of just oils. Very convenient.
If you are looking for a dependable, efficient vape pen then I definitely recommend this one.
Overall I give the Silver Surfer an 8 out of 10
8 out of 10

If you want to buy the Silver Surfer click the button below to see cheapest one that I have found. Thanks for reading, Stay Vaped!…

Cloud Vape Pen Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the Cloud vape pen, last years Cannibus cup winner.

My Personal Cloud Vape Pen Review
The Cloud is one of the more popular vape pens for several reasons. It’s really easy to load, it is one of the smaller portable vaporizers, and hits really well.
A full charge will last over 24 hours and you should load under .5 gram and that will get you about 100 hits.

The cloud comes with:
One Atomizer
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Carrying Case

How Your Cloud Works
When you’re ready to get high the first thing you need to do is load the Cloud. All you have to do in order to load it is pull off the mouth piece and load whatever you’re smoking into the bowl “Atomizer”
Once you do that all that needs to be done is to put the mouth piece back on, and hold the button down while inhaling in slowly.

I give a 9 out of 10!

In Conclusion
The Cloud Vape Pen is insanely easy to load, and smoke,which is why it is easily one of my favorite vape pens.
Overall the Cloud vape pen is one of the most popular portable vape pens and definitely the best value. It’s really easy to use, gets you really high, and fits in your pocket. It turns off after like 6 hits to cool down which kind of sucks but besides that I have had no issues.
You can buy the cloud online for like $75 which is awesome, there is a link to the best deal I have found below. Stay vaped!…

Why to chose vaporizer for vaping in comparison with smoking

smoking vs vaporizing with best vaporizersDEMONSTRATED … VAPORIZE IS 55% CHEAPER THAN SMOKING

If we analyze for a moment the money we spend on smoking, we will realize all that we can save ourselves by vaporizing instead of smoking. A smoker, with an average consumption of a daily packet of traditional tobacco, will spend an average of 3.30 € per day. This expense would suppose a monthly budget of more than 99 €, or 1,204 € per year.

vaping with vaporizersAt this point, we have to remember that a cartridge of portable vaporizers has a duration of about 200 inhalations, which is equivalent to about 15 traditional cigarettes. If this smoker substitutes 100% of the traditional cigarette for the personal vaporizers, to maintain an equivalent consumption, it would need to acquire 1.3 cartridges daily, or what is the same, 40 cartridges every month. Without taking into account any kind of punctual offer that can reduce its unit cost, and if the purchase of these cartridges is made in enough quantity to not have added shipping costs, this consumption would mean € 40 per month, € 480 per year.

Using the portable vaporizers, at the cost of cartridges, we have to add the cost of atomizers and batteries, since these do not last forever. The atomizers have an average duration of 3 months, and the batteries have a life of 300 recharges, so over a year, with the consumption that we have as an example, we will have to replace 4 atomizers and 1 battery, with a cost total of 55 €, which, added to the cartridges, will mean an expense of 535 €.

In conclusion, with this example of consumption, this smoker who has become an expert vaporizing, is going to save 669 € annually.…

Omicron Vaporizer

Okay so today we are reviewing the Omicron version 2 vape pen. This is the newest vape pen made by Omicron and definitely one of our favorites.

My Personal Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
The Omicron Vape Pen is known for being durable. I’ve had mine for quite a while now and still have not had any problems with it. And I have used it a lot 🙂
The Omicron is small which I find important in a vape pen. I can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go and it is not visible, or uncomfortable.

When you buy the Omicron it comes with:
The Omicron Vape Pen
One Cartridge for Storing Your Oils
One Fill tool
Two Rechargeable Batteries
One Charger
One Mouth Piece
One Carrying case

How your Omicron Works
When you want you load your Omicron all you have to do it connect your cartridge to your fill tool, fill your fill tool with whatever you are smoking, and light the side of the fill tool until the oil liquifies and falls down into the cartridge.
Once your oil is all in the cartridge you are ready to smoke it. They recommend using under a gram and at least .5 grams.
Cleaning it is easier than most vape pens as well. You just need some alcohol and a q tip to clean the cartridge. Takes 10 seconds.

In Conclusion
I definitely recommend the Omicron if you want a long lasting, dependable vape pen. You can’t can’t see how much oil is left which kind of sucks, but other than that I have had no problems with it.
I rate the Omicron a 9 out of 10.

There is a link below to the site that has the best deal that I have found for the Omicron Vape Pen. Thanks for Reading, Stay Vaped!…

How does a Vaporizer work?

How does a Vaporizer work?

Alright, so the way a vaporizer works is there is a heating device “atomizer” that heats up whatever you are smoking enough to vaporize it and create smoke.

What Types Of Vaporizers Are There?

One of the more popular types of vaporizers is called a vape pen. A vape pen is a portable vaporizer that you can not only smoke where ever you want, but you don’t even need a lighter. They range is sizes, but all are great for use on the go.
If you know much about vaporizers then you probably have heard of the Volcano. The Volcano is a vaporizers that collects all the smoke into a large bag. You literally just pass around a bag of smoke. Love this!
If you aren’t very familiar with oil and wax concentrates, but would like to have a vaporizer, they are now making some really awesome vape pens that take actual dry herb. Its like a portable weed cigarette!

I have a few Video Reviews on some of the vaporizers that I have purchased on my homepage, check it out if you are thinking about buying one, or want to learn more about how they work.
There is a link below for the best deals on vaporizers that I have found if you want to get one. Worth it! Thanks for reading, stay vaped!…

The Dummies Guide To How A Vaporizer Works

You are probably seeing these vape pens popping up all over the place.
Yea they look awesome, and seem really convenient, but how does a vaporizer work?
Here I will show you not only how a vaporizer actually works, but explain the different types that are currently available.

How it works

A vaporizer consists of an atomizer, a bowl, a mouthpiece, and a battery.
A charge heats up your atomizer causing whatever you are vaping to turn into vapor without actually burning it.
Inhaling the vapor versus actual smoke is much more healthier because you are not smoking in all the toxins. Which is one reason why this is becoming so popular so fast.

What Are The Different types of Vaporizers?

Vape Pen
My personal favorite type of vaporizer is a vape pen. It is a small, easy to use, portable vaporizer. These are perfect for smoking on the go, where ever, when ever. I seriously have one in my pocket at all times. You do not even need a lighter!

Volcano Vaporizer
Another type of vaporizer that is becoming very popular, very fast, is called a Volcano. A Volcano is much bigger than a vape pen, but is used more for at home use. A Volcano actually fills vapor into a big bag so you can just pass that around. Perfect for when a lot of people want to smoke at once.

Whip Vaporizer
The last type of vaporizer is going to be called a Whip Vaporizer. A Whip vaporizer is a lot like a Volcano is the sense that it is used and home, for group smoking. But a whip vaporizer has a long tube or several long tubes coming out from the sides, and is to be smoked a lot like a hookah.

How To Get One
You don’t want to be the only one not using a vaporizer, this is the future of smoking.
They are much cheaper, much more convenient, and it is actually healthier for you. Its a no brainer!
There are many places to buy vaporizers but there is a link to my personal favorite site below. They definitely has the best deals, and the biggest selection. Check it out!

A friend wrote to me:
I have a vapor pen for marijuana, i have had if for a while..over a year without using it…just went to LiveWell and bought a new cartridge, went home, charged my pen and when then light went green i attached the cartridge, ready to get my smoke on…but nothing. no light no heat no nothing! can you tell me maybe why you think this happened? do I perhaps need a new pen or is there a way to fix this issue?

I will come with a replay fast I can.…

Why Is The Sutra Vape Better Than The Others?

It hard to vape concentrates/wax. Not! With the Sutra you can vape concentrates without even needing a lighter!

My Personal Sutra Vape Pen Review

The Sutra Vaporizer is a product that distinguishes itself from the competition and really stands out in its field.
So much so, in fact, that enthusiastic fans and customers have affectionately dubbed the Sutra Vaporizer as “The Ultimate Vape Pen”. Now, that’s a big claim! Is it a title that the Sutra is worthy of?
You bet it is.
At just 4” long and 3/8” in diameter – This thing is sleek, compact and discreet. It’s an extremely portable vape pen that’ll fit snugly inside your pocket and leave plenty of room for your wallet and keys.
If you like to look good while you smoke – you’re in luck. The style aficionados among you will be pleased to hear that the Sutra comes in a variety of colors and patterns – ten, to be exact!
The designs range from a sophisticated solid gold, to a classy antique burl wood. There’s even a psychedelic tie-dye design as well as a really eye-catching cheetah print pattern… And another six other equally awesome designs!

The Good and Bad:
Hits Well
Smaller Bowl Size
Easy to Load
No Liquid Atomizer
Great Battery Life
Can’t Load Dry Herb
Let’s talk about durability. This is an exceptionally well-made product that’s being manufactured using only quality components. This ensures that the Sutra is as robust as it is stylish.
The battery life deserves a quick mention. Expect a full day’s worth of smoking from just an hour on the charger. Impressive. There’s also an LED light on the Sutra which will give you an indication of how much life’s left in the battery by flashing either red or green.

The Sutra Comes With:
Two Atomizers
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Fill tool
One Battery

Now, let’s set aesthetics aside and move onto performance. How does the Sutra smoke? In a word: “Beautifully”.
With a stainless steel heating chamber and ceramic heating element, this vaporizer takes just seconds to reach melting point. The chamber is more than adequate in size, and will hold generous amounts of oil. It’s apparent that the designers created this vaporizer with one goal in mind: To provide the you with a quality smoke. And that’s exactly what you get. The quick-heating mechanism combined with a well-filled chamber produces a thick, smooth, cloudy hit that’s absolutely delicious and full of flavor!
The verdict? This is a competitively priced vaporizer which looks fantastic and smokes like an absolute dream. Unbeatable. I can see why the enthusiasts call it “The Ultimate Vape Pen”. I’m going to have to agree!…