Different categories of Vapers

There are many different categories of vapers in the world. This article explores some of the most common types and provides some insight as to what to expect in the “vapelife”. This list by no means covers all of the stereotypes. I feel like I am a little bit of all of ’em.

1. The Vapernoob – The most common of this list is the everyday novice. These are the people that have just decided to quit smoking cigarettes and just bought their first eLeaf or eGo vape pen. They are using vaping as a crutch to help them quit their addiction to cigarettes and can sometimes be found sneaking a “tobacco-break”. This is the stage of vaping that everyone has gone through at some point and usually leads to another stereotype.

2. The Activist – Everyone has heard of the upcoming FDA regulations that are posed to hit vapers in 2018. By far one of the most critical stereotypes in the community Activists are the ones that are fighting movements like this tooth and nail. They are the first ones to shut down an argument that vapes are unhealthy and will unleash hell upon anyone who even holds a cigarette box.

3. The Cloud Chaser – These are the types that haze a room out completely without even thinking twice. If you walk into a vape shop and have a hard time seeing, its probably because their are a few cloud chasers in the room. More often than not these vapers will have a mechanical mod with sub-OHM capacity. If you need to know the difference between Clapton, Nano, or Parallel coils..these are the people to ask.

4. The Trickster – Ever seen someone blow a smoke ring..and then blow like 30 more through it. This is the trickster. This is one of the most entertaining stereotypes of the vape community and they are constantly evolving their tricks to absurd levels. From the classic Tornado to Double Jellys, they have accomplished tricks that would make Gandalf proud.

5. The Sampler – These are the flavor enthusiasts that will come into a vape shop and proceed to try out every flavor in the store. They will usually have a rebuild-able atomizer with a customized air-flow to help maximize the flavor and at any given moment will have a few dozen premium juices with them. Samplers are endlessly searching for the “Ambosia” of E-juice, the nirvana of flavor.

6. The Hipster – This is the category of vapers that are also known as “Fad” vapers. They are the first ones to tell you all the things wrong with your vape with not a word on how to help. Vaping has become the “cool” thing to do in some groups and hipsters are the ones that latch on to this, fully equipped with a snap back, wayfarers, and a dripper.