Why the Cloud Vape Pen cool and trendy?

Most people are using a Cloud now a days, but is it because it is so cheap?
There are actually a few reasons why the Cloud is better than most vaporizers. Read more to find out.

My Personal Cloud Vaporizer Review

cloudyyy When I am looking for a vape pen I look for three important things 1) How well it hits 2) How much you can load into the bowl and 3) how portable it is.
The Cloud hits awesome. The atomizer heats up fast and the vapor fills the cartridge quickly. I truly love the way this vaporizer hits better than any other I have tried to date.
The Cloud is really small, which means two things. Of course it is very portable and easy to use no matter where you are, but a smaller vape pen means a smaller bowl, so you can’t load as much.
Not a huge deal unless you plan of sharing with other people all day.
When you’re ready to smoke your vape pen the first thing you need to do after charging is load it. All you have to do in order to load it is pull off the mouth piece and load whatever you’re vaping into the bowl, unlike The Omicron
Once you do that all that needs to be done is to put the mouth piece back on, and hold the button down while inhaling slowly through the mouth piece.

The Cloud Comes With
One Atomizer
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Carrying Case

I recommend the Cloud to everyone! One of the best vaporizers I have ever owned and I use it daily. Plus it has been the Cannibus Cup winner for best vaporizer 2 years in a row!!!
The price of the Cloud varies but I found a really good deal. There is a link below to Vapornation.com where I bought mine. Stay vaped!