9 reasons to vape not to smoke

The Top 9 reasons why you should Vape instead of Smoking Cigarettes
Smoking is expensive, If you smoke a pack a day that works out to $63 dollars a day, $270 per month and ultimately $3,240 per year.
1 10ml bottle of e-juice lasts on average 7 to 10 days for $9
Smoking cigarettes can leave you with ‘yellow finger’ aka ‘nic’ stains. Vaping will not change the colour of any part of your body
Smoking is a smelly habit and that smell sticks to everything from your car, to your clothes, your hair, and even your house.
Our vapours smell nice and generally have a scent associated with the taste. In some cases Vaping has been known to make people smell better.
Vaping has been known to become a hobby. With build your own units, you can make your own flavours and there are even clubs and groups you can join to share the experience with.
Smoking leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, this can lead to bad breath and stained teeth.
If you have ever kissed a smoker you know what I am talking about. It tastes nasty hence the term ‘its like kissing an ashtray’
The biggest reason why you should Vape instead of smoking cigarettes is because when you buy from 4mradik Vape Shop you are helping give someone a life free from addiction. 10% of all profits go towards the 4mradik Foundation which is a charity that raises money to send deserving individuals to a Treatment Center when they would otherwise be not able to afford it.