Cloud Vape Pen Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the Cloud vape pen, last years Cannibus cup winner.

My Personal Cloud Vape Pen Review
The Cloud is one of the more popular vape pens for several reasons. It’s really easy to load, it is one of the smaller portable vaporizers, and hits really well.
A full charge will last over 24 hours and you should load under .5 gram and that will get you about 100 hits.

The cloud comes with:
One Atomizer
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Carrying Case

How Your Cloud Works
When you’re ready to get high the first thing you need to do is load the Cloud. All you have to do in order to load it is pull off the mouth piece and load whatever you’re smoking into the bowl “Atomizer”
Once you do that all that needs to be done is to put the mouth piece back on, and hold the button down while inhaling in slowly.

I give a 9 out of 10!

In Conclusion
The Cloud Vape Pen is insanely easy to load, and smoke,which is why it is easily one of my favorite vape pens.
Overall the Cloud vape pen is one of the most popular portable vape pens and definitely the best value. It’s really easy to use, gets you really high, and fits in your pocket. It turns off after like 6 hits to cool down which kind of sucks but besides that I have had no issues.
You can buy the cloud online for like $75 which is awesome, there is a link to the best deal I have found below. Stay vaped!