Omicron Vaporizer

Okay so today we are reviewing the Omicron version 2 vape pen. This is the newest vape pen made by Omicron and definitely one of our favorites.

My Personal Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
The Omicron Vape Pen is known for being durable. I’ve had mine for quite a while now and still have not had any problems with it. And I have used it a lot 🙂
The Omicron is small which I find important in a vape pen. I can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go and it is not visible, or uncomfortable.

When you buy the Omicron it comes with:
The Omicron Vape Pen
One Cartridge for Storing Your Oils
One Fill tool
Two Rechargeable Batteries
One Charger
One Mouth Piece
One Carrying case

How your Omicron Works
When you want you load your Omicron all you have to do it connect your cartridge to your fill tool, fill your fill tool with whatever you are smoking, and light the side of the fill tool until the oil liquifies and falls down into the cartridge.
Once your oil is all in the cartridge you are ready to smoke it. They recommend using under a gram and at least .5 grams.
Cleaning it is easier than most vape pens as well. You just need some alcohol and a q tip to clean the cartridge. Takes 10 seconds.

In Conclusion
I definitely recommend the Omicron if you want a long lasting, dependable vape pen. You can’t can’t see how much oil is left which kind of sucks, but other than that I have had no problems with it.
I rate the Omicron a 9 out of 10.

There is a link below to the site that has the best deal that I have found for the Omicron Vape Pen. Thanks for Reading, Stay Vaped!