Why Is The Sutra Vape Better Than The Others?

It hard to vape concentrates/wax. Not! With the Sutra you can vape concentrates without even needing a lighter!

My Personal Sutra Vape Pen Review

The Sutra Vaporizer is a product that distinguishes itself from the competition and really stands out in its field.
So much so, in fact, that enthusiastic fans and customers have affectionately dubbed the Sutra Vaporizer as “The Ultimate Vape Pen”. Now, that’s a big claim! Is it a title that the Sutra is worthy of?
You bet it is.
At just 4” long and 3/8” in diameter – This thing is sleek, compact and discreet. It’s an extremely portable vape pen that’ll fit snugly inside your pocket and leave plenty of room for your wallet and keys.
If you like to look good while you smoke – you’re in luck. The style aficionados among you will be pleased to hear that the Sutra comes in a variety of colors and patterns – ten, to be exact!
The designs range from a sophisticated solid gold, to a classy antique burl wood. There’s even a psychedelic tie-dye design as well as a really eye-catching cheetah print pattern… And another six other equally awesome designs!

The Good and Bad:
Hits Well
Smaller Bowl Size
Easy to Load
No Liquid Atomizer
Great Battery Life
Can’t Load Dry Herb
Let’s talk about durability. This is an exceptionally well-made product that’s being manufactured using only quality components. This ensures that the Sutra is as robust as it is stylish.
The battery life deserves a quick mention. Expect a full day’s worth of smoking from just an hour on the charger. Impressive. There’s also an LED light on the Sutra which will give you an indication of how much life’s left in the battery by flashing either red or green.

The Sutra Comes With:
Two Atomizers
One Mouth Piece
One Usb Charger
One Fill tool
One Battery

Now, let’s set aesthetics aside and move onto performance. How does the Sutra smoke? In a word: “Beautifully”.
With a stainless steel heating chamber and ceramic heating element, this vaporizer takes just seconds to reach melting point. The chamber is more than adequate in size, and will hold generous amounts of oil. It’s apparent that the designers created this vaporizer with one goal in mind: To provide the you with a quality smoke. And that’s exactly what you get. The quick-heating mechanism combined with a well-filled chamber produces a thick, smooth, cloudy hit that’s absolutely delicious and full of flavor!
The verdict? This is a competitively priced vaporizer which looks fantastic and smokes like an absolute dream. Unbeatable. I can see why the enthusiasts call it “The Ultimate Vape Pen”. I’m going to have to agree!